Where Can You Find Photos of Different Squash Varieties?


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Photos of a wide variety of squash can be viewed online at Epicurious or About. Epicurious features photos of 12 types of winter squash, including favorites such as butternut squash and spaghetti squash. In addition to familiar squash varieties, About features unusual squash, including the blue hokkaido pumpkin.

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Where Can You Find Photos of Different Squash Varieties?
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Photos of squash highlight the uniqueness of each variety. Many squash are round in shape, while some are oblong. Some squash have bright colors of orange, yellow or green, and some varieties are neutral shades of white or tan. In addition to shape and color, squash also have different textures. For example, the acorn and buttercup squash are both round in shape. However, The skin of the acorn squash has large ridges, but the buttercup squash is completely smooth.

Each type of squash has its own flavor characteristics as well. Some squash varieties are mild in flavor, which makes them perfect for dishes where the squash blends in beautifully with other flavors. There are a number of squash that have a distinctive flavor, making these squash suitable for serving as is, or with little alteration. The sugar pumpkin has a rich, traditional pumpkin flavor. The sweet dumpling is a great substitute for the sweet potato. The red kuri has a hint of chestnut flavoring. The turban squash is mainly used for decoration, but can also be roasted and eaten.

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