What Can People With Diverticulitis Eat?


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Individuals with diverticulitis should initially consume clear liquids such as broth, gelatin, water and fruit juice without pulp, according to Mayo Clinic. As the person feels better, low-fiber foods can be slowly added to the diet at the recommendation of a doctor.

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What Can People With Diverticulitis Eat?
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A clear liquid diet should be followed strictly for a few days after a diverticulitis flare-up, explains Mayo Clinic. Other clear liquids to consume are popsicles, tea, coffee and ice chips. These must all be free of pulp, bits of fruit and cream.

Low-fiber foods that an individual with diverticulitis can eat, with doctor approval, include low-fiber cereal, eggs, dairy products, pasta, and canned or well-cooked fruits or vegetables without skin or seeds, according to UCSF Medical Center. The individual can also eat well-cooked meat that is ground or tender and white bread or rice.

If symptoms continue to improve, an individual can eat additional amounts of fiber at the direction of a doctor, according to UCSF Medical Center. If the diverticulitis symptoms improve to the point that they are nonexistent, the individual can eat a high-fiber diet. A high-fiber diet helps prevent future diverticulitis flare-ups. High-fiber foods include whole wheat grains, beans, legumes, and various fruits and vegetables.

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