Where Can One Find a List of All Root Vegetables?

Where Can One Find a List of All Root Vegetables?

OhMyVeggies.com, Ranker.com and HuffPost Taste are all sources of lists of root vegetables. HuffPost Taste specifically features an article on winter root vegetables ranked from worst to best, while the list on Ranker.com is more general but also ranked according to votes from website visitors.

The list of root vegetables on HuffingtonPost.com includes beets, carrots, black radish, rutabaga and daikon. A slideshow and links to recipes accompany the text. There are additional links to other articles about root vegetables and lists under the More heading.

The list of root vegetables on Ranker.com contains several unusual and uncommon varieties, such as breadroot, skirret, yam daisy, mangelwurzel and parsley root. Breadroot is also known as prairie turnip and was a staple item in the diet of prairie Indians, such as the Lakota Sioux. Mangelwurzel, sometimes called fodder beet, is typically an item in stock feed when mature, but young mangelwurzel is edible, especially when boiled.

The list of root vegetables on OhMyVeggies.com is fairly standard but has a few unique items, such as parsnips, yuca and kohlrabi. The website also offers cooking and serving suggestions, including how to steam, boil, roast, sauté and grill various root vegetables.

Another list of root vegetables on About.com elaborates on additional cooking and serving ideas, such as braising and mashing.