Where Can One Find the Ingredients in Knorr Products?


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Knorr.com doesn’t list ingredients for their products, but ingredients are available for some Knorr products on Walmart.com and FoodFacts.com. In addition, FoodFacts.com provides helpful information regarding the origin of the ingredients for people with dietary restrictions.

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Walmart.com provides nutritional data for most Knorr products but ingredient lists for only a selection. FoodFacts.com not only gives nutritional data but also ingredient lists for over 200 Knorr products. including the different varieties of bouillon, which are Knorr’s most popular products. According to FoodFacts.com, many of the ingredients found in Knorr products are controversial among health groups and consumer organizations; such ingredients include MSG, soy protein, yeast extract and disodium inosinate.

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