What Can You Mix With Courvoisier?


When Courvoisier is mixed with the coffee-flavored liqueur Kahlua, it makes a drink called a Black Yak. If some light cream is added to that pairing, the result is a Napoleon's Mexican Winter. A citrus-flavored Baby Doll is a combination of Courvoisier, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, lemon juice and sugar.

An International Affair is made from Courvoisier, fruity Alize liqueur and Damiana, an herbal liqueur. Another fruity, liqueur-based combo, the Black Green Lantern, contains Courvoisier, Hpnotiq liqueur and melon-flavored Midori. A Carmela Supreme brings together Courvoisier, lemon juice, strawberry jam and wine. When Courvoisier is mixed with Amaretto, it makes an Inhaler.