What Can You Make With Pepita Seeds?

What Can You Make With Pepita Seeds?

Pepita seeds can be prepared and cooked as a snack, used in recipes to add flavor and texture or be processed for use in spreads. "Pepita" is a Spanish word that means "little seed," and in culinary terms, the word has come to refer to pumpkin seeds.

Although pumpkins are available for basically the whole year, it becomes all the more ubiquitous in the weeks leading to and after Halloween. Pepita seeds are a rich source of protein, iron, zinc and magnesium. It is a better idea to make a snack out of the seeds or add them to recipes instead of just throwing them away.

The seeds can be turned into healthy and tasty snacks with relatively little fuss in as little time as half an hour. Some recipes for pepita seeds include barbecued pepita seeds, cheesy pumpkin seeds, curried pepitas and smoked chipotle pumpkin seeds.

Pepita seeds can also be used as an additional ingredient in some recipes to add their distinct taste and texture. Since the use of pepita seeds is common in some Mexican dishes, it will be a good addition to some Mexican inspired dishes, such as Mexican-style pesto, Mexican macaroni and grilled corn.

When baked and then ground or processed in a food processor, pepita seeds can be used as an alternative to peanut butter. Adding olive oil and other seasoning to the processed pepita seeds will give it a paste-like consistency that turns it into a spread.