How Can You Make Your Own Edible Fruit Arrangement?

How Can You Make Your Own Edible Fruit Arrangement?

Crafty individuals can make edible fruit arrangements at home by creating fruit shapes, skewering them and placing them in a dish with styrofoam or cabbage to support the skewers. Sites such as, and and the blog CrazeeDaisee, offer detailed instructions.

When selecting fruits for an arrangement, keep in mind the fruit's texture and durability. Firm fruits better withstand skewering to avoid drooping or falling off the stick. Pineapple, strawberries, melon, grapes and kiwis are popular options.

Some crafters use cookie cutters to shape their fruit, while others work freehand with a knife. Cookie cutters can provide shapes such as flowers, stars and hearts. To create a three-dimensional flower, apply a half sphere of melon to a fruit star with a toothpick fragment. Small fruits, such as grapes, work well when several are placed on the same skewer. Slices of cantaloupe or large strawberries may stand alone on a stick. Some crafters dip strawberries in chocolate for a special touch.

Some fruits require special treatment if not eaten immediately. Do not immerse strawberries in water, as this speeds up the fruit's decay. Coat apples with citrus juice to slow browning.

Once the fruit skewers are prepared, some crafters form the arrangement in a styrofoam base hidden in a vase or bowl. Others prefer a head of lettuce or cabbage to support the creation. Once completed, refrigerate the creation until serving.