How Can You Make a Homemade Copy of Boost Juice?

It is easy to make homemade versions of Boost or Ensure nutritional drinks using condensed milk, low-fat milk, malted milk powder, vanilla, sunflower oil and protein powder. Chocolate or vanilla powder also can be added for an extra sweet taste. Boost drinks are not considered juice, as they do not contain fruit juice.

For a homemade nutritional drink, pour three cans of condensed milk into an empty milk jug. Add one cup of malted milk powder and two tablespoons of protein powder. Add a few drops of vanilla and sunflower oil, and fill the jug with low-fat milk and shake the jug vigorously until all of the ingredients are blended together. Place the mixture in the refrigerator and allow it to chill overnight.

For individuals who drink Boost in order to gain weight, adding pure whipping cream to the mix helps to provide additional fat and calories. Homemade Boost-style milkshakes also are helpful for individuals who need extra fat and calories. Mix one cup of homemade Boost drink with two cups of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. For additional sweetness, chocolate syrup can be added as well. Add in one scoop of malted milk powder and blend the mixture until it reaches a smooth consistency.