Where Can You Find Low-Fat Crab Enchilada Recipes?

Low-fat crab enchilada recipes can be found online on the Taste of Home and Betty Crocker websites. Crab enchiladas often contain over 50 grams of fat, so to be considered a low fat dish, the Taste of Home website has a recipe with only 11 grams of fat per serving and Betty Crocker offers up a recipe with only 26 grams of fat.

A crab enchilada contains real lump or imitation crab meat, onions, garlic, cheese, a flour tortilla shell and a variety of other ingredients. Recipe websites like Food Network and All Recipes provide a large list of crab enchilada recipes that vary in nutritional value.

The Taste of Home website allows users to search for a recipe by ingredient, course, recipe name or keyword. The recipes listed come with full detailed instructions, prep and cook time and servings information. The site lists the nutritional information for each recipe. The low-fat crab enchilada detailed on the site is made with reduced-fat sour cream, reduced-sodium chicken broth and reduced fat cheese in order to obtain the low 11 grams of fat in each serving.

The Betty Crocker website allows users to search recipes in their huge database of over 15,000 recipes by name, ingredient, course or keyword. The crab enchilada recipe on the site does not use any reduced-fat or low-fat products, so the 26 grams of fat per serving could be cut down by using healthier ingredient options.