Where Can You Find a List of Genetically Altered Foods?


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Both Cornucopia.org and NewHealthGuide.org provide lists of genetically altered or modified foods. The Huffington Post also provides an article with a list of the seven most common genetically altered foods.

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Genetically modified foods are foods grown from genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, or genetically altered crops. Some common foods in this category include corn, soybeans, milk, salmon and potatoes. Many U.S. supermarkets sell genetically altered foods, since manufacturers are not legally required to label or mark foods to show that they are grown with GMOs, as of 2015.

Food producers use genetic modification to increase the size and nutrient content of products, help products grow faster and prevent diseases, so in many cases it provides a better profit margin for producers. There are continuing debates on the health benefits and risks of GMOs.

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