Where Can You Find a List of the Foods With the Most Carbs?


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A list of foods highest in carbohydrates can be found at HealthAliciousNess.com. The data on foods on this list is sourced from the U.S. Agricultural Research Service Nutrition Data Releases.

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Where Can You Find a List of the Foods With the Most Carbs?
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The top food highest in carbohydrates is sugar, syrup or sweetener. Sugars are composed entirely of carbohydrates and include fructose, aspartame, honey, powdered sugar, brown sugar and maple syrup. Although there are healthy high carbohydrate foods such as vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruit, refined carbohydrates such as sugar lead to obesity, type II diabetes and cancer.

The second highest carbohydrate food is another refined food, candy. Candies are 99 percent carbohydrate and include almond nougat, chocolate Tootsie rolls, hard candies, low-calorie gum drops and butterscotch candy. Dried fruit, although not refined, is the third highest carbohydrate food as it consists of 94 percent carbohydrate. Some common dried fruits include cherries, prunes and raisins.

Another high carbohydrate food is cereal, which consists of 91 percent carbohydrate. Cereals such as cocoa crispies, corn pops and frosted flakes have about 27 grams of carbohydrates per 3/4 cup serving. Snacks such as rye wafers, rye crispbreads, corn cakes and brown rice cakes consist of 84 percent carbohydrate, making them a high carbohydrate food as well. Other high carbohydrate foods on the list include flour, cookies, cakes, jams, preserves, bread and potatoes.

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