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Fat-free foods include most fruits and vegetables, including apples, oranges, bananas, broccoli and leafy greens such as kale or spinach. Other plant-based foods, such as black and pinto beans, are popular options for individuals on the lookout for fat-free foods. Dairy products can also come in fat-free versions such as skim milk, which has the naturally occurring dairy fats removed or "skimmed" by the time it reaches the consumer.

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Fat-free dairy products such as fat-free cottage cheese or fat-free yogurt use skim milk rather than milk with fat as a base. Although the fat is removed from these products, they still have the same benefits as dairy products that include fat. Like milk, there are full-fat or low-fat versions of these products that are not fat free.

Egg whites are another source of fat-free protein. Egg yolks carry all of the fat in an egg, so egg-based products such as Egg Beaters that exclude egg yolks are also fat free.

Many foods high in sugar or calories, such as salad dressings or gummy bears, come in fat-free variations. However, the fact that a food is fat free does not necessarily make it healthy. Packaged foods that have labels proclaiming fat-free status are often deficient in other important health-related areas such as sodium or mineral content.

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