Where Can You Find a List Containing the Different Brands of Chocolate Bars?


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Some places to find a list of chocolate bar brands include the Chocolate Bar Database, the List Challenges website, and the One Green Planet online magazine. The lists of chocolate range in scope from global to American-made, to vegan-only dark chocolate brands.

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The Chocolate Bar Database, a website dedicated to candy reviews, lists over a thousand different brands of chocolate bars from around the world. The list is maintained exclusively by Debbie and Vic Ceder, and contains data on each bar's ingredients, cacao content and quality ratings.

List Challenges contains a list of 80 chocolate bar brands in the United States. It is sourced from Wikipedia. Some items on the list are no longer in production.

One Green Planet's list contains 10 vegan dark-chocolate bar brands, and features information on the chocolate manufacturing process. The list includes links to order each of the bars online.

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