Where Can You Find Instructions to Make Filled Cakes in Wilton Cake Pans?

Where Can You Find Instructions to Make Filled Cakes in Wilton Cake Pans?

The Wilton website offers instructions for how to use the company's products, including the cake pans. The instructions for filling cake layers is located under the Learn tab in the cakes category.

It's possible to use Wilton cake pans to make both torts and filled cakes. The torting method includes adding several layers to the cake. Between each layer is a filler of icing, fruit or pudding. Torts are much taller than regular cakes because of all these extra layers.

The Wilton website includes numerous guides for using the cake pans. Besides the instructions on the torting method, site visitors can find information about preparing the pan, baking cakes, making three-dimensional cakes and baking times according to size.

The Wilton company has its own baking system called the Wilton Method. Bakers can learn different aspects of this method through classes the company offers. These classes are available both in person and online. The websites allows visitors to search for in-person classes in their vicinity. Classes on how to use the Wilton cake pans for filled cakes are available.

Wilton also has its own school called the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art. The school is located in Darien, Illinois. Students can receive a culinary degree or participate in any of the school's workshops to increase their skills.