How Can You Find Information About Harvesting Mushrooms in Oregon?


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Information about harvesting mushrooms in Oregon can be found on both government and non-profit organization websites, including the Oregon Department of Forestry and the United States Department of Agriculture. These agencies provide free online resources and can be contacted for further information by phone or email.

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Government websites typically contain information pertaining to mushroom harvesting laws in Oregon, in addition to the forests where mushrooms can be found. A permit is not needed for the mushroom harvester to harvest, transport or consume less than one gallon of wild mushrooms in Oregon, as stated by OregonLaws.org. However, a permit is required for harvests that exceed one gallon or for any harvester who intends to sell or give away the mushrooms.

NorthernBushcraft.com also offers important information about mushroom harvesting. On its website, the company provides a guide to identifying both edible and poisonous mushrooms in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest region. NorthernBushcraft.com references two books for further study: "Mushrooming Without Fear," and "North American Mushrooms." Both books can be purchased from Amazon.com.

CascadeMyco.org also provides mushroom edibility guidelines and poison information on its website. The organization suggests that wild mushrooms should never be consumed raw, and new species should be consumed in small quantities to avoid potential allergic reactions.

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