How Can I Identify Types of Berries?


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Blueberries are known to be red or purplish-black in appearance, ranging from round to ovular, according to Mother Earth News. Hundreds of species exist and all are edible. Berries from bushes generally have thorny canes that grow from perennial roots and thrive during the fruiting season. Long and dark purple blackberries are easily pulled from stems.

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According to Mother Earth News, wild cranberries are round, red berries that are filled with soft seeds, and they resembles cultivated cranberries from the grocery store. Highbush cranberries are not cranberries. Squawberries, highbush cranberries and nannyberries resemble wild cherries in northern woods and are sometimes referred to as such by locals. Mother Earth News recommends a field guide to make distinctions, but if any of these berries from the northern woods are bitter in taste, then it is best to leave them behind. Black and red cherries with wilted leaves and egg-shaped seeds contain hydrocyanic acid, which is a poison. Junipers of the American West produce dusty berries that resemble standard blueberries. American yew also produce fruit in the shape of an urn with a sweet pulp and poisonous seeds. Fruit from the barberry plant is a hardened, red fruit that is sour to the taste, but it is edible if cooked and mixed with sugar.

The wild strawberry is a smaller version of the agricultural strawberry, but it is sweeter and more fragrant if it has received enough sun and rainfall. The leaves of the wild strawberry has three leaflets with dull, serrated edges. The stems of the wild strawberry are also raised to reach the sun.

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