Can You Take Home Leftovers During the Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Promotion?

can-home-leftovers-during-red-lobster-endless-shrimp-promotion Credit: hattiesburgmemory/CC-BY 2.0

Policy may change between stores, but Red Lobster usually lets its customers take home leftovers from the Endless Shrimp event. Customers can also take home the biscuits that come with the promotion.

Red Lobster features its Endless Shrimp special every year. During the promotion, customers can choose two shrimp items from the menu and eat as many plates of them as they want. The special also comes with a side salad and unlimited cheese biscuits. Customers cannot share their orders, and they must finish their portion of shrimp before they may order a refill. Refills must be duplicates of shrimp items already ordered.