Where Can You Find a Good Recipe for Pineapple Cake?

Where Can You Find a Good Recipe for Pineapple Cake?

Food.com, Taste of Home, Allrecipes.com and Cooks.com are all places where pineapple cake recipes can be found. Pineapple cake recipes can also be found by typing "pineapple cake recipe" into any search engine.

Food.com has over 1,000 pineapple cake or pineapple-cake-related recipes available, as of 2015. These recipes are submitted by users, and the ingredients may vary. Most of the recipes available have user ratings and reviews.

The Taste of Home website has almost 200 recipes posted for pineapple cakes. Some of these recipes are for creamy pineapple cake, pineapple upside-down cake and cherry-pineapple cake. Recipes on the Taste of Home website are also user-submitted.

Allrecipes.com provides over 200 pineapple cake recipes. Videos for how to make select recipes are also an available feature of Allrecipes.com. Pineapple cake recipes on this website can be searched by rating and popularity.

Cooks.com has a vast selection of various pineapple cake recipes; there's over 8,000 options on this website. Some of these are for recipes making pineapple-banana cake, pineapple-carrot cake and pineapple cheesecake. Cooks.com also has recipes for reduced-calorie pineapple cakes.

All of these websites provide visitors with example pictures of the final products, and they have rating or comment functions for user feedback.