Where Can You Find a Fruit Carbohydrate Chart?


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Several sources offer fruit carbohydrate charts, including Low Carbe Diem, LaValle Metabolic Institute and the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Some charts only list low-carb fruits. Other charts group fruits by the number of carbohydrates they contain. Self magazine allows users to make custom nutrition charts by the type of nutrient, including carbohydrate content. Some charts with specific measurements list carbohydrate content in grams per serving.

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Where Can You Find a Fruit Carbohydrate Chart?
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Low Carbe Diem charts fruits and berries with the lowest amount of net carbohydrates per 1/4 cup of fruit. The chart takes into account fiber content as it relates to carbs, a calculation based on the Atkins diet. The fruit with the lowest net carbs on this list is an avocado, with 1/2 gram per serving. The lowest berry is the pokeberry shoot, at 1 gram.

LaValle Metabolic Institute groups fruits into five categories from lowest carbs to highest. The lowest-carb fruits are rhubarb and strawberries, whereas fruits with the highest number of carbs are bananas, figs and prunes. The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition charts fresh fruit, canned juice and fruit juice. Stewed rhubarb contains 1 gram of carbohydrates per 100-gram serving, according to this chart.

Self's nutrition database contains a drop-down tool that finds food highest and lowest in certain nutrients per various sizes of servings. Users can narrow searches by types of carbohydrate, including fiber, sucrose, starch, glucose, lactose, fructose and maltose.

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