How Can Frozen Pizza Dough Be Defrosted Quickly?


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Quickly defrost frozen pizza dough by retrieving the dough from the freezer and allowing it to proof as normal; this can be on a flour-coated wooden board covered with plastic wrap, a floured towel or in an oil-coated bowl covered in plastic wrap. Allow a couple of extra hours for the proofing process to give the frozen dough time to defrost prior to rising.

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When making dough to freeze, allow the dough to go through its initial fermentation process prior to freezing. Then, divide the dough into balls, just as if final proofing was going to be undertaken, but instead of proofing the balls, position them on a baking sheet or plate lined with parchment paper and freeze them. After they have frozen, put each ball into its own zippered freezer bag as needed.

Keep in mind that dough can be frozen at other points in the fermenting process if desired. Freezing will not affect the dough like it does other foods. The yeast in the dough becomes inert until the dough is defrosted.

Label the zippered bag for each ball of pizza dough, and be sure to use the dough within two or three months for optimal freshness and best taste.

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