Can You Freeze Cabbage?


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Cabbage freezes well and lasts anywhere from 9 to 14 months if packaged properly in the freezer. Unlike lettuce, cabbage will not become soggy or wilted if frozen. Freezing cabbage makes it possible to enjoy freshly harvested cabbage even during winter months.

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The best cabbage to freeze is a head that's been freshly picked, has good coloring in the leaves and hasn't sat around too long after harvest. Before freezing, always wash the cabbage heads, even if purchased from the market.

Cabbage freezes well as either wedges or flat leaves. There's no right way to freeze cabbage, so base it on the end use for the cabbage. Freezing a handful of individual leaves makes it easy to grab a few leaves for cabbage rolls or salad, while freezing wedges makes it easy to pop some out for stir fry dishes or soup.

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