How Can Food Be Freeze-Dried?

How Can Food Be Freeze-Dried?

To freeze-dry food, place fresh or cooked food into the food dryer that uses refrigeration condensation technology to freeze the food below -40 degrees Fahrenheit and draw the vapor out. Freeze-dried food should then be packaged and sealed in moisture and oxygen-proof packaging.

Several steps are necessary to complete the freeze-drying process for food.

Step 1: Prepare the fresh or cooked food

Prepare fresh or cooked food and lay them out on a metal tray. Make sure that they are evenly spaced apart, so that they do not stick together when they are being freeze-dried.

Step 2: Place the food items in a food dryer

Place the metal tray, along with the food items, into a dryer, which will drop the temperature below -40 F. Once the food is frozen, the dryer will use vacuum technology to draw the vapor out.

Step 3: Remove food items for packaging

Remove all of the food from the dryer, and package it using a moisture and oxygen-proof packaging. Vacuum sealing the food is best.