Where Can You Find a Food Chart Based on Acidity?

Food charts organized by acidity are available at Greenopedia.com and AcidAlkalineDiet.net. These charts display the acidity of foods by numeric value or by degree. Greenopedia also offers a chart for combining acid and alkaline foods.

The food chart on the Acid Alkaline Diet website is organized by the food's potential renal acid load. The higher the PRAL value, the more acidic the food. This chart is organized by food group. Each food is listed next to its PRAL value.

The chart also includes the average PRAL value for each food group. For example, meat has an average PRAL of 9.5 meaning meats are acidic in general. Fruits, nuts and juices have an average PRAL of -3.1, meaning that most fruits and nuts are alkaline.

The charts on Greenopedia display various foods in four columns. Each column represents a degree of alkalinity or acidity, from highly alkaline to very low alkaline and highly acidic to very low acidity. The most acidic foods, according to this chart, include artificial sweeteners, beef, beer, fried foods and breads. Other foods that are moderately acidic include coffee, corn, olives, peanuts and soy milk.

The food-combining chart offered by the Acid Alkaline Diet website suggests types of food that may be combined to optimize digestion. For example, meat should be combined with leafy green vegetables, while it should not be combined with starchy vegetables or fats.