How can eye of round steak be cooked?


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Eye of round steak can be braised or put into a slow cooker to release the juices and make it more tender; it is not recommended that the eye of round steak be grilled. Eye of round steak is a cut of steak that is dry and somewhat chewy; grilling the steak will often make it drier.

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Eye of round steaks are usually purchased and cooked because they are an extremely economical beef option. They provide the flavor of the beef that is desired in steaks, but the texture is sometimes less desirable. The key to cooking a tender and juicy eye of round steak is to cook it properly. It is a good idea to marinate the steak to help tenderize it. Due to the makeup of the eye of round steak, it is not recommended that a tenderization through hammering method be used. When the steak is marinated overnight, extra juices will be added into it. Once it has been marinated, it can be put into a slow cooker to help keep the juices in it. It should not be overcooked in the slow cooker because it will get dry and will become less juicy and flavorful.

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