Can Eating Too Many Almonds Make You Sick?

MDHealth states that while almonds have many health benefits, overconsumption of almonds potentially has some adverse health effects, such as weight gain and overdoses of some nutrients. Eating too many almonds also has other possible ill effects, including negative interactions with some medications and gastrointestinal problems.

MDHealth explains that while almonds lower cholesterol, they also contribute to weight gain when eaten in copious amounts if the eater does not burn the extra calories. Almonds also contain a good amount of fiber. Eating too many sometimes leads to abdominal bloating or constipation. Drink plenty of water when eating almonds to prevent this. Consuming too many almonds provides more than the recommended amount of vitamin E, which leads to symptoms such as headaches, lethargy, diarrhea and flatulence. The high content of manganese in almonds interacts badly with some medications, including antipsychotic drugs, laxatives, antacids, some antibiotics and blood pressure medications.

The San Francisco Gate claims that eating too many almonds means taking in too much selenium, which sometimes leads to selenosis. This condition disrupts the proper function of the digestive system, makes hair fall out, damages nerves and makes nails extremely brittle. Selenosis is a serious condition. However, selenium toxicity rarely occurs when overindulging in almonds.