Can You Eat Pomegranate Seeds?


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Pomegranate seeds and the red sacks surrounding them, called arils, are edible. The seeds are high in dietary fiber and are slightly crunchy, whereas the arils are light, flavorful, zesty and full of juice. Some people prefer to eat the seed and aril, while others prefer the arils by themselves.

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Many individuals eat the seeds and arils raw. The whole seeds are often added to salads, desserts and compotes. Pomegranate juice is used as an ingredient in numerous other recipes. Pomegranate fruits have leathery rinds that flatten and dry out once they're ripe. The pale-yellow or white spongy membrane inside separates the seeds into several clusters. Neither the rind nor the membrane is typically eaten, although some cultures use them in addition to the seeds for medicinal purposes.

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