How Can I Eat Clean?


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To eat clean, people must stick with eating whole foods as much as possible and avoid foods that have been processed, according to Fitness Magazine. People who eat clean focus on knowing where their food comes from and how it is made.

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To change to a clean diet, consumers need to focus on buying fresh whole foods locally whenever possible. While many people who eat clean also stick to a vegetarian diet, meat can be included in a clean diet, but it is best to stick with organic products or get meat from local farms and farmer's markets. When it comes to buying boxed foods, consumers need to read the ingredient list. Items on the list should be other whole foods, such as whole grains, seeds and other recognizable foods, according to Fitness Magazine.

Avoid foods that have saturated oils and enriched grains. The general rule of thumb is that all of the items on the ingredient list need to be easy to pronounce. Another way to eat clean is to make foods at home using whole food ingredients. Replace store-bought salad dressings and sauces with ones made from oil, vinegar and citrus juices. Clean recipes for homemade tortillas, ice cream and even baby food help people stick to their clean diets.

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