Where Can You Find Easy Recipes for Boiled Cabbage?


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Simple recipes for boiled cabbage are found at About and Allrecipes.com. The easiest recipe for boiled cabbage requires just four ingredients: cabbage, butter, salt and pepper. A medium-sized head of cabbage is preferred in most recipes. Cabbage is chopped, or cut, into wedges before being added to the cooking pot.

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Where Can You Find Easy Recipes for Boiled Cabbage?
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Boiled cabbage with bacon is a tasty alternative to the original boiled cabbage recipe. About and Allrecipes.com feature simple recipes that include bacon, but are slightly different from each other. The recipe on About combines cabbage, bacon, onion, chicken broth and seasonings. The Allrecipes.com version combines cabbage, bacon, apple cider vinegar, flour and seasonings with ample amounts of water. Most recipes recommend boiling cabbage in a Dutch oven, large saucepan or large skillet pan.

Green cabbage is commonly used in boiled cabbage recipes. The cabbage should be bright in color, hefty in weight, with no brown spots. Cabbage can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to five days ahead of time. The cabbage head is prepared for cooking by removing its outer loose leaves and thoroughly rinsing it with water. Cooks typically use a sharp knife to cut the cabbage in half, and then cut each half into wedges. Cabbage wedges can be placed into the pot, or chopped into smaller pieces.

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