How Can You Ease Bunion Pain?


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Soaking the feet, stretching the toe and using a bunion relief splint are all treatments for easing the pain of bunions, according to About.com. New shoes and topical analgesics are also used for the relief of bunion pain.

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How Can You Ease Bunion Pain?
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A cool foot soak in water and Epsom salt is a recommended way to ease the pain in the feet, explains About.com. It is best to soak for about 15 minutes, though as little as five minutes can bring relief. Stretching exercises are also a good idea when trying to ease the pain caused by bunions. When seated, use a strap or hand to pull the toes towards the body, and hold for 30 seconds. This can be repeated several times.

Over-the-counter bunion relief splints are available at most drug stores and can reduce the pain of bunions by reducing the stress on the joint, claims About.com. Topical foot analgesics also work to ease bunion pain as they are made with menthol, which cools the foot, or capsaicin, which blocks pain signals temporarily. New shoes may also help to ease the pain of bunions, as the foot can change in size throughout a person's lifetime. Wider shoes in the same size may also be beneficial, as the bunion is less restricted since there is more room.

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