Where Can You Download Recipes by Lidia Bastianich?

Where Can You Download Recipes by Lidia Bastianich?

There are downloadable recipes by Lidia Bastianich available at RVCLibrary.org and WNYC.org. Bastianich also offers free access to hundreds of her original recipes on her website, LidiasItaly.com, but the recipes are not downloadable and can only be printed or emailed.

RVCLibrary.org is the website of the Rockville Centre Public Library, and it has several recipes by Bastianich in PDF. The recipes are excerpts from two of Bastianich's cookbooks, "Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen" and "Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking." Boiled zucchini salad with tuna and eggplant and rice Parmigiana are a two featured recipes.

At WNYC.org, as part of an old episode of "The Leonard Lopate Show," there are downloadable recipes from Bastianich's "Lidia's Italy," first published by Knopf in 2007. The three recipes are fennel and orange salad, shrimp buzaza and ziti alla Norma.

To access more free recipes by Bastianich, click Recipes at LidiasItaly.com. There are 11 total categories of recipes, including main dishes, appetizers, sauces, meats and seafood. Salads, soups, sandwiches, pizzas and desserts are additional categories. Bastianich groups sides and vegetables together as well as pastas, polenta and risotto.

Every category is accessible through every other category and recipe page. Recipe links include full-color photographs to showcase examples of the finished dishes. The text and photos are not privacy protected. Depending on the Web browser, visitors can copy and paste or save an entire page in the absence of an actual download link.