Where Can You Find Dole Pineapple Recipes?

The Dole website has a variety of pineapple recipes. To find a particular recipe, it is necessary to use the search tool and input the word "pineapple," along with some other search terms, and recipes that contain those items are provided. There are pineapple recipes for desserts, cakes, smoothies, salads, preserves and marinades.

The recipes incorporate the different types of Dole products available, such as juice, cubes, crushed and sliced pineapples, as well as other Dole products. Some examples of the many pineapple recipes available are pineapple and coconut cake, pineapple and apricot preserves, Asian pineapple chicken and pineapple and coconut ice cream. Users can also look through the many different food categories to find pineapple recipes.