Where Can You Find a Diagram on Different Cuts of Beef?


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Diagrams on different beef cuts are found at Business Insider Australia, Gourmet Sleuth and Morley Butchers. The charts and tables specify the main cuts of meat, including the ribs, sirloin, brisket and round, as well as subcategories, including rib eye steak, sirloin steak, corned brisket and tip roast.

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Where Can You Find a Diagram on Different Cuts of Beef?
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Aside from providing a detailed list of beef cuts, Business Insider Australia also provides information on the different properties of each cut, explaining, for example, that chuck contains connective tissue such as collagen and fat. It also discusses some common dishes made from some of the cuts, explaining how brisket is commonly used to make pastrami and corned beef.

Gourmet Sleuth provides a diagram alongside a simple yet expansive table on the different beef cuts. The table is conveniently split into four sections: name, roast name, steak name and other steak names.

Morley Butchers provides a diagram and expansive information on each beef cut. This includes how the cut is typically sold, as well as the recommended cooking method for each cut.

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