Where Can You Find a Diagram of How to Cut up a Pig?

Ask The Meatman, About.com and Acre Station Meat Farm provide diagrams showing the different cuts of pork and their locations on a hog carcass. A cut at the atlas joint of the spine removes the head from the carcass, which is then split down the spine into two bilateral halves.

The primal cuts of pork are the picnic shoulder, Boston butt, belly, ribs and ham. Spare ribs and the side cut, usually cut into bacon, are the component cuts of the belly. Back ribs, country-style ribs, tenderloin and boneless or bone-in pork chops are loin cuts. Blade steaks and blade roast are Boston butt cuts. Cured or fresh ham and ham steaks are ham cuts. Meat and fat from the trim cuts, including the jowls, feet, tail and neck bones, is seasoned and ground for sausage.