How Can You Determine Which Is Better, Zero Water or Brita?


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Water filter comparisons that include Zero Water and Brita products are available on TopProductComparisons.com, XvsX.org and NaturalNews.com, as of April 2015. Each comparison found that Zero Water products filtered water more effectively.

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TopProductComparisons.com rated Zero Water products as the most efficient water filters due to their five-stage filtration system. The filters also have a TDS meter to test filtered water. The site mentions that the five-stage system causes Zero Water filters to take the longest when filtering water. These filters also have a shorter filter lifespan of 30 gallons, compared to Brita filters' lifespan of 40 gallons.

XvsX.org compared both filter brands filtration quality, taste, versatility and filter longevity. The site explained the differences between both brands of water filtering systems, but it didn't choose one as the better option. The taste section mentioned that water filtered through Zero Water filters tastes pure, whereas water filtered through Brita filters has a mineral taste. In terms of versatility, the Brita filters were considered more ergonomic while the Zero Water filters were considered more refined. Filter longevity was considered equal by this site.

NaturalNews.com tested water filters on how they removed toxic heavy metal elements and elements with radioactive isotopes. Elements that the Zero Water filter removed more effectively than the Brita filter include aluminum, cadmium, lead, strontium and cesium. The site recommended the Zero Water filter but not the Brita filter.

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