How Do You Can Deer Meat Using a Pressure Canner?


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To can deer meat using a pressure canner, fill cooker with 3 quarts of water, and set the rack on the bottom. Heat the water, and place packed and prepared jars on the rack. Attach the lid, allow the steam to escape, close the vent and allow jars to process.

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Prepare the venison by cutting it into chunks and seasoning it with canning salt. Add roughly 1 teaspoon salt per pound of meat, and do not add any liquid. Fill hot canning jars with meat, using a spoon to pack it down and eliminate any large air pockets. Leave 1 inch of headspace, and screw on the lids. Make sure that the lid and screw bands are also hot.

Run a wet paper towel around the jar lids to wipe away any grease or meat particles. Place the jars on the rack inside of the preheated pressure canner. The water inside the canner needs to be hot but not boiling. Secure the lid on the canner, and allow 10 minutes for the steam to escape through the vent or the weighted gauge. Close the vent or attach the weighted gauge to build pressure. Start the timer, and process for the amount of time specified in the recipe.

Once the time expires, turn off the heat. Allow the canner to sit until the pressure lowers itself to zero. Do not open the petcock or remove the weights before the pressure reaches zero.

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