How Can You Find Cute Measuring Spoons?

One way to find cute measuring spoons is to visit stores that specialize in creative implements for the home, such as Pier 1 Imports. Another way is to search online retailers, such as or

Pier 1 Imports offers both online and in store shopping. The store sells a variety of creative kitchen implements, including a wide variety of measuring spoons. Some of the creative options include animal-shaped spoons, such as owls and frogs, as well as characters such as snowmen. Other measuring spoons feature fanciful designs.

Cost Plus World Market is a similar retailer. Cost Plus also has stainless steel measuring spoons in creative shapes and ceramic spoons in bright colors. The store even sells a set of measuring spoons that appear to be vintage. is an online retailer with products similar to Pier 1 and Cost Plus. The site offers cute melanine measuring spoons in creative colors and shapes as well as handcrafted options.

Anthropologie specializes in artistic home goods, including measuring spoons. The store even features artisanal products, such as hand-painted spoons. The store also sells spoons with creative shapes, such as flowers. is known for selling products from artisans. This includes a variety of measuring spoons, such as a carved wooden spoon with the wells on either side of a stick. One artisan also sells a set of measuring spoons shaped like musical instruments.