Where Can You Find Some Crowd-Size Recipes?

Where Can You Find Some Crowd-Size Recipes?

As of 2015, Crowd-size recipes are available in the Cooking for a Crowd section of CDKitchen.com. FoodNetwork.com also provides a Recipes for a Crowd section. TasteofHome.com also lists several recipes that are suitable for feeding large groups. AllRecipes.com offers sample menus to feed a crowd, featuring different menus for each season.

In the Cooking for a Crowd section of CDKitchen.com, use the recipe finder to search for keywords throughout the entire recipe, or to search for keywords in a recipe's title or ingredients list. Filter the search results by cook time, cook method and the number of calories. Sort the recipes in alphabetical order if desired.

At FoodNetwork.com, click on Topics A to Z, and then select Recipes for a Crowd. This page provides over 300 recipes for serving to large groups, including herb and apple stuffing, and free range fruitcake.

Under the Community tab at TasteofHome.com, select Cooks who Care. Click on Featured Stories, and choose Recipes to Feed a Crowd. This page provides beverage, appetizer, main dish, side dish and dessert recipes suitable for feeding groups of 20 people or more.

The Cooking for a Crowd page at AllRecipes.com has suggested menus for serving to large groups in the summer, winter, spring or fall. This page also features suggested amounts of food for serving crowds, such as a gallon of punch for every ten guests, along with four pounds of chicken, beef, pork or fish for every ten people.