Where Can You Create an Online Grocery List With Prices?

One online resource for making a grocery list that includes prices is GroceryWizard.com. On this site, the user types in each grocery item, its aisle or store location, its estimated price and the quantity desired.

As the user types in information, a list that includes all of the groceries appears directly on the screen. The running total of the cost of groceries is also included, allowing users to easily compare it to a grocery budget. After creating a user name and password, the user can then preview and print the list.

Once a list is created, it is saved online for future use. This allows users to have stored information at their fingertips and saves time so they don't have to re-enter information. Users can check and uncheck items to indicate whether they are currently needed. Users can also delete items they no longer want. In addition, users can easily edit each entry on the list. By checking on the icon that resembles a pencil, information for the associated item pops up. The user can then edit the name of the food and its price. This feature offers additional convenience if the names and prices of items change over time.