Where Can You Find a Complete Ingredient List for Arizona Iced Tea?


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Ingredients differ from flavor to flavor, but the Wegman's grocery website maintains comprehensive information about all of its products' ingredients and includes Arizona iced tea among that product list. The site lists all of Arizona Iced Tea's ingredients, including sweeteners and minerals.

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Arizona is typically sun brewed, meaning it steeps in direct sunlight for long periods of time so that the flavor of the leaves fully suffuses the water used for brewing. This approach leads to a more developed flavor and to a more consistent tone throughout the tea as a whole.

Ingredients in Arizona iced tea are listed in descending order of bulk of use. This means that the ingredients listed highest are those that make up the largest proportional part of the tea itself, beginning with the natural green tea and ending with the flavoring elements, namely the citric acid and natural lemon flavor.

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