How can you compare liquor prices online?


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Compare liquor prices online by checking the websites of retailers that sell liquor, as of 2015. Prices are available for retailers that allow online ordering, while retailers that don't offer online ordering may or may not display liquor prices online.

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The exact process for finding liquor prices on a retailer website varies depending for each website. Online liquor retailers typically divide alcoholic beverages into categories, including wine, spirits and beer. Each category then has multiple sub-categories. Customers are able to order liquor for delivery or in-store pickup, although available options depend on the customer's location.

Retailers that offer liquor and other products, such as Walgreens and Sam's Club, usually list liquor in the Beverages category of the Grocery section. If the store has multiple physical locations, prices may vary at each store. In this case, stores either don't provide pricing information online or require the customer to select a location first. For example, Walgreens provides information on whether liquor products are in stock at its locations, but doesn't provide prices. Sam's Club, on the other hand, provides both availability and prices after the customer selects a location.

Liquor prices vary significantly from store to store. Stores that are near competitors tend to have lower prices.

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