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Retailers of established tamari brands like San-J, for instance, can be searched using the brand's product locator feature on their website. Tamari is basically a variety of soy sauce that has a richer flavor, has a bit thicker consistency and is made with little to no wheat content at all. This feature makes tamari sauce a popular soy sauce substitute for individuals who are on a gluten-free diet.

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Soy sauce is one of the most popular condiments that is typically used as flavoring for cooking certain Asian dishes or as a dip on the table to add flavor to other dishes. It is traditionally made by fermenting its main components such as boiled soy beans and roasted grain. A modern form of producing soy sauce involves hydrolysis, which contributes to the longer shelf life of hydrolyzed soy sauce.

Tamari is a Japanese variety of soy sauce and some consider it to be one of the best varieties of soy sauce. This variety, which is made primarily in the Japanese region of Chubu, has a darker appearance and a fuller flavor than the most popular Japanese soy sauce variety, koikuchi. While it is made with little to no wheat, gluten-free proponents should check the label first to make sure that the tamari sauce is indeed gluten-free.

When using the online product searching feature of tamari sauce brands, such as San-J, it will be a good idea to other search features. The other search features may help narrow down the search to the nearest brick-and-mortar retailers as well as to the preferred type of tamari preparation.

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