Where Can You Buy Tagalog Recipe Cookbooks?

Where Can You Buy Tagalog Recipe Cookbooks?

Cookbooks written in Tagalog, or Filipino language, can be bought online at Amazon.com, Anvil Publishing and National Book Store. A few of the good cookbooks written in Tagalog include “Mga Lutong Bahay,” “Pera sa Kusina,” “Sarap Pinoy” and “Masasarap na Lutong Bahay ni Aling Charing”.

The two published books in the “Mga Lutong Bahay” series are both by Gloria V. Guzman. The first volume provides healthy recipes plus guidelines on growing your own vegetables. The second volume also includes well-loved Filipino recipes, particularly pansit malabon, chop suey, ginataang mais and ginataang pako.

“Pera sa Kusina,” which literally means “money in the kitchen,” is the second cookbook authored by Ma. Aurora Sicat. It provides Tagalog recipes that detail the steps to making Filipino foods that are appropriate for retailing, such as processed foods, fruit concentrates and native Filipino delicacies.

“Sarap Pinoy – Mga Lutuing Pilipino” is compiled by The Maya Kitchen and is made available by Anvil Publishing. It has recipes of Filipino beverages, entrees and desserts appropriate for daily consumption and special events.

“Masasarap na Lutong Bahay ni Aling Charing,” authored by Rosario Fabian, is a classic Tagalog cookbook first published in the late 1960s. The latest release has an updated cover, bearing the title “Masasarap na Lutuing Pilipino ni Aling Charing.” This book contains chapters of recipes for chicken, pork, beef, seafood, sauces, rice dishes, noodle dishes, bread spreads and desserts.