Where Can You Buy Stem Wrapped Candy?

Where Can You Buy Stem Wrapped Candy?

Buy stem wrapped candy at BlueFrogChocolates.com, CandyStore.com, CandyWarehouse.com and ChocolateFantasies.com. BlueFrogChocolates.com offers different types of stemmed flowers made from European chocolate and wrapped in a colorful candy coating. CandyStore.com and CandyWarehouse.com offer long-stemmed chocolate roses wrapped in different colors of foil. Each company offers the stemmed candies in various quantities, ranging from a single flower to a whole bouquet.

BlueFrogChocolates.com's Italian candy flowers are available as daisies, Alpine stars, begonias, daffodils and more. Colors include red, yellow, blue, purple and white. They are made with European dark chocolate and have a licorice or nut center.

CandyStore.com offers milk chocolate long-stemmed roses wrapped in pink or red foil. They are sold individually and are appropriate for Valentine's or Mother's Day. The rose stems are 16 inches long.

CandyWarehouse.com's chocolate roses come wrapped in Italian red foil and are sold by the dozen. Each stem is 14 inches long, and the chocolate blooms are 1 1/2 inches wide.

White, dark and milk chocolate roses are available at ChocolateFantasies.com. A wide range of foil colors are available, including shades of purple, red, green and gold. The company sells 10-inch roses in a pail, with 14-inch and 15.5-inch roses sold as singles or in a bundle. Other chocolate presentations include boxed gift sets, displays and potted arrangements.