Where Can I Buy Spirit of Salts?

Spirits of salt can be purchased from most local home improvement stores, hardware stores, pool suppliers and chemical companies. This substance is also known as muriatic acid, acidum salis and hydrochloric acid.

Muriatic acid is used for many commercial and manufacturing processes, including vinyl chloride production, PVC production, leather processing, water softening and gelatin production. In the home, it is used for etching concrete surfaces, cleaning bricks, removing rust from metals, dissolving slime and hard water stains in bathrooms, unclogging drains and adjusting the pH levels of pool water.

Muriatic acid is a strong chemical substance that can irritate the eyes and burn the skin. Its fumes must not be inhaled because they can harm a person's health. When using muriatic acid, it is best to wear protective gear, such as latex gloves, boots, face masks and eye goggles. The substance should be used in a room that's well-ventilated or has open windows. After application, users should thoroughly rinse the area with water. When diluting muriatic acid, it's important to add the acid to the water and never the water to the acid because doing so can cause a strong reaction. This potentially dangerous substance must always be kept out of the reach of children.