Where Can You Buy Snapea Crisps?

Where Can You Buy Snapea Crisps?

Many online stores sell Snapea Crisps, including Walmart, Harvest Snaps, Amazon.com and World Market. These crisps are smooth and have a mild flavor of the pea. It is appropriate for a post-workout snack, lunch side or crunchy topping on a salad. The snack is lower in sodium and higher in fiber than traditional snacks. Other flavors available include black pepper, Caesar, and wasabi-ranch.

Each of these websites offers information about Snapea Crisps. For example, Walmart prices range from $26.64 to $38.37, inclusive of shipping charges, as of 2015. The product is made of 70-percent whole peas. Nutrition facts about the snack are available, which helps those on a diet to be informed. Site users give the product a four out of a possible five-star rating.

Harvest Snaps describes the product as a simple, good snack that eating to be eaten anywhere, with anything. They claim the crisps are gluten-free, GMO free and low in the glycemic index. The site is easy to navigate and ensures customer satisfaction.

Amazon.com has a price range from $0.80 to $16.02, as of August 2015. The product gets 4.6 out of a possible five-star rating from the users. It is now available in large family sizes, and shipping is available within the United States to APO/FPO addresses.

The World Market boasts a collection of more than 10 flavors of Snapea Crisps. It gets a 3.7 rating from customers. The product's price ranges from $27.48 to $33.90, inclusive of shipping charges.