Where Can You Buy Siberian Pine Nut Oil?

Siberian pine nut oil can be bought at a variety of online retailers, such as the "Siberian Pine Nut Oil website's online store and Siberian Tiger Naturals. Both of these websites, along with many other companies, sell and ship their own recipes of pine nut oil.

Pine nut oils are popular vegetable oils that are used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. The oils are extracted from several different species of pine trees that have edible seeds. Normal pine nut oils produced from European or American trees are typically only used for culinary purposes, but some Siberian trees found in Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan produce slightly different seeds that are highly acidic and contain significant amounts of antioxidants. For this reason, Siberian pine nut oils are used more specifically for medicinal purposes.

While normal pine nut oils can be easily found in stores containing cooking oils, Siberian pine nut oils are more difficult to purchase. The Siberian Tiger Naturals company sells Siberian pine nut oils and other oils online, most of which are marketed as gastrointestinal healers and metabolism boosters. Siberian pine nut oils can be purchased from various online stores, but it also is able to be found in holistic healing and natural health stores.