Where Can You Buy Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly can be purchased online at bee-pollen-buzz.com and honeypacifica.com. Amazon.com offers a large selection of online sources as well as the option to search locally for royal jelly.

Honey bees secrete a gelatinous substance called royal jelly. It is used to provide nutrition to developing larvae. If the larvae is a queen bee, it will continue to feed on royal jelly throughout development; all other larvae in the hive stop after three days.

Royal jelly is composed of water, amino acids and protein. The amino acids and proteins are the components that appear to have health benefits and that make it popular as a dietary supplement. However, as of 2015, there are no scientific results that prove royal jelly has health benefits.

Although there is not any clinical evidence to support using royal jelly, WebMd includes it as a supplement. Among the many uses indicated on the site are asthma, hay fever, immune system boosting and high cholesterol.

There is some research, according to WebMd, that supports royal jelly for menopause symptoms when it is used as an ingredient in a product. This same site suggests that using royal jelly is ineffective or unsupported for use in infertility, to treat insomnia or to cure baldness.