Where Can You Buy Replacement Jar Lids?


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A number of retailers sell replacement jar lids, including The Jar Store, Canning Supply, Container and Packaging Supply and Lehman’s. Such retailers offer a wide variety of styles of jar lids available for purchase, and made for a range of jar sizes from 1 ounce to 65 ounces for jars over 1 gallon.

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The retailer Jar Store sells styles such as Mason jar lids, jelly jar lids, straight-sided jar lids, square jar lids and Ball jar lids. The main types of lids offered are continuous thread lined lids, continuous thread button lids and lug lids. Continuous thread lined lids are the style of lid found on Mason jars, and are available in silver, gold, black and white. Continuous thread button lids are for use with the high heat hot water bath canning method, while lug lids, available in silver, gold and black, are the style of lid used with most commercial food jars.

Canning Supply offers many styles of lids, including twist-off jar caps, dome canning lids, Ball lid bands with dome lids, reusable plastic canning lids and safety seal caps. Container and Packaging Supply sells lug and continuous thread jar lids in several colors and in either metal or polypropylene. Lehman’s sells a variety of plastic and metal reusable jar lids, organized by popularity.

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