Where Can You Buy Purple Potatoes?


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Melissas.com, Amazon.com and FreshDirect.com sell purple potatoes online. The selections include well-known cultivars, such as purple majesty, as well as purple versions of more common potatoes, such as purple sweet potatoes and purple fingerling.

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The available online inventory of purple potatoes is extremely diverse but spread out across many vendors. As of 2015, Melissas.com carries 3-pound packs of baby purple potatoes for roughly $16, while Amazon.com features purple sweet potatoes and purple fingerling potatoes for roughly $19 per 2-pound bag and $108 per 10-pound case, respectively.

FreshDirect.com specifically carries the Stokes purple sweet potato, which is a patented heirloom. Other heirloom and heritage varieties, such as lion's paw, are typically available randomly at local farmer's markets or as seed potatoes through garden supply stores, such as GardenHarvestSupply.com.

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