Where Can You Buy Peanut Butter Bars?


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Sites like OldTimeCandy, ClifBarStore and KINDSnacks stock many different types of peanut butter bars alongside their inventories of candies, power bars and other snacks. These sites are a good place to order peanut butter bars online, especially when bulk orders are needed or preferred by the buyer.

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OldTimeCandy specializes in tubs and bins of dime-store candy and other old-fashioned types of sweet. Their selection of peanut butter bars in 2015 is varied, and covers everything from hard candies to energy bars. They sell in bulk and in single units with policies on ordering varying from item to item.

ClifBarStore deals solely in Clif Bars, high-protein athletic snacks that help to conserve energy and keep active people nourished throughout the day. They are not candy, but they do possess a robust nutritional palette and they are flavored and infused with real peanut butter, making them a healthy alternative to dessert-styled peanut butter bars.

KINDSnacks mixes peanuts, peanut butter and dark chocolate along with other healthy ingredients in their peanut butter bars. With a markedly more rugged texture than other candies and desserts, these bars are intended, like Clif Bars, for use as dietary supplements to keep energy levels high during workouts or long work days that demand a lot of energy.

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